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Bar Consulting and Bartender TrainingBartending School of Bothell Senior Consultant, Micha Cornelius, has over 25 years of restaurant and bar industry experience to share. His extensive background includes holding positions in all areas of the front and back of the house; in-depth culinary, mixology and business management training and a longstanding employment history working within the restaurant and bar industry. He still bartends, consults, trains and advises in numerous venues throughout WA State. He is able to consult in all areas for bars and restaurants from training of staff to pricing drinks, from inventory control to balancing books, from creating daily food/drink specials to managing back of the house matters. Contact us today and learn more.

Bartending School of Bothell serves local pubs, bars, clubs and restaurants with bartending consulting services designed to help you succeed as a bar operator, just as mixology classes help bartenders excel at their craft.

Business Evaluation Services Overview - When is the last time that you changed or looked over your liquor and/or food pricing? Whether you are a new or improved venue, do you know much you should be charging? Do you know how to set up the pricing in your P.O.S.? For example: setting up food and beverage menus for Martinis, Cocktails, Premium drinks, Well drinks, Call-Well drinks, Happy Hour Food & Drink Specials, Food Entrees and how to add on mixtures? Training on these systems are provided. Off site training with business owner's venues are available.

Cocktail List Development - This requires skill, creativity and a wide base of knowledge, and we have an ever-increasing library of cocktail recipes to create the perfect list for your particular establishment. From classic cocktails to creative new concoctions, our vast combined knowledge of quality spirits, fresh garnishes and effective techniques will help create a cocktail list that's sure to appeal to every one of your thirsty guests!

Spirit Selection - This increasingly complex with so many options available, and we're constantly updated on new products. Our wide array of knowledge and experience can help you find a balance between cost and quality, developing a spirit list that exceeds the expectations of patrons while yielding favorable returns for your business.

Bar Equipment Advising - We assist with setting up a new bar establishment or updating old equipment. Bar & Restaurant Consulting of Bothell stays current with bar equipment manufacturer developments, helping you get the best value on quality equipment. We provide comprehensive training on Point of Sales Service Systems (P.O.S.) for all staff, management and owners.

Bar Design - This should never be underestimated. Bartenders that are efficient in their workplace produce happier patrons and higher profits. Our ergonomic bar design service helps create a space that allows bartenders work quickly with minimum physical stress.

Staff Selection and Training - This prepares bar owners and operators to identify bartenders with the drive and fortitude necessary to succeed as a mixologist in your particular establishment. We'll help you learn to identify individuals who have the ability to adapt and excel at their craft.


"From the initial meeting with the folks at Bartending School of Bothell, I knew I'd made the right training choice. There was no sales pitch or pressure to get me signed up, but rather a discussion about what my goals were and what I wanted to take away from the course. I was glad to know it wasn't just about how to mix some drinks, but an expanded education in the industry and a partnership in our mutual future success.

The classes were not just informative - they were SO MUCH fun! There's a LOT to take in, but the teaching methods set you up with tools to be successful, and you're not limited to the minimum hours of the scheduled classes. Every day I was there, other students would be in to practice pouring or to speak with the trainers. You get out what you put in.

Bartending School of Bothell prides themselves on the fact that everyone who passes has actually learned the material and is ready to work in the industry. There's both a written and a speed test to ensure you can recall the recipes and prepare the drinks at a pace consistent with the industry. I'm confident I'm fully prepared for my new career, and I had an absolute blast getting here. You couldn't choose a better school."
~ Jeff Bridges - September 2012

"Bartending School of Bothell was the best career move I've made. It's fun and challenging work, but completely worth it. I learned so much more than just the basics from the instructors, which made the class enjoyable and gave me incentive to return. I got a job as a bartender 3 weeks after graduating!"
~ Erial ThreeStars, Lake Stevens, Jan/Feb 2011 Graduate.

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